Seascape Charters - Sailboat, Powerboat, and RV Chartering in La Paz Mexico.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you resolve problems that may occur out in the islands?
We do everything in our power to prevent them, but if problems do occur we’ll send Rafael who has worked for us for more than a decade. He is a great mechanic, painter and all-around friend, and carries a cell phone. Our other hand Raul has four fast pangas with 90 hp Honda motors.
He’ll take Rafael out to your boat.

Will you please explain how to use a payphone in Mexico?
Buy a phone card for 50 or 100 pesos, available from most convenience and grocery stores. Mexican phones do not take coins. The rate to call the USA is about 5 pesos per minute, or 35 cents. Ignore telephones that post signs saying, “Use your credit card to call home.” They charge about $10 per minute. We even heard of one person who was charged $80!

How are you equipped for fishing? Snorking?
We have one rod and two rod holders for fishing off the stern. In addition a small rod and reel allows fishing off your boat when she is at anchor.
There are four sets of snorkeling equipment on all boats.
How do we check the Weather?
From the US or Canada click the following link for a well-maintained weather website: The developer used to live in La Paz, but he now lives in the States while his children go to school.
Be sure to check his link for forecasts.
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Our 41' Morgan Out Island ketch – a fun sailboat with lots of room inside and a big deck. Our 38' Cat Out Island sloop – a fun sailboat with lots of room inside and a big deck. Our 2016 Tru Yacht Catamaran is a perfect platform for up to 8 people on day-sail/snorkel trips or 6 on over-night charters. Our 44' Catamaran lets you sleep aboard Sunday through Saturday. Our 38' Luhrs powerboat with a very large cockpit & bridgedeck – Baja boat charter on the Sea of Cortez, BCS Mexico. Our 24' Class C motor home that is perfect for camjping around the Baja peninsula – Take a kayak or two and enjoy the beaches and fishing in warm water.